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AutoHook’s suite of products partners with leading data providers, allowing your dealership to identify leads who have the highest intent to buy.

Using highly targeted, time-sensitive ‘hooks’ we help you to drive these high-intent leads where it counts – your showroom.

Our award-winning products have a proven success rate. With AutoHook, you’ll get show rates of up to double the national average.



AutoHook’s Web2Show solution is an industry-leading tool that differentiates your dealership when a prospective customer is on your website. Instead of just driving a lead, Web2Show drives the highest intent to buy customers into a dealer’s showroom, closing the loop on that elusive lead to show metric - and nobody does it like us.

Through our industry-leading experience and geotargeting capabilities, Web2Show intelligently delivers incentives to those individuals who display in-market behavior and meet certain targeting criteria - thus providing your sales people with more qualified ‘at bats’ while also improving their ‘batting average’. With this tool, more people show, more people buy. Your dealership will get higher visibility and consideration from the right prospects that you want to target. If you are interested in driving quality customers for as little as $50 per show and under $100 per sale, test-drive Web2Show today.


AutoHook’s Lead2Show solution is an industry-leading tool that differentiates your dealership when a prospective customer submits an Internet lead to both you and your competitors, and also when a single 3rd party lead is sold multiple times to both you and your competitors. By automatically determining if the lead matches the criteria that you set, Lead2Show drives the customers with the highest intent to buy directly into your showroom.

If the customer matches up with a customer who is ready to buy, Lead2Show instantaneously auto responds to the consumer with a customized offer. AutoHook uses best-in-class data analysis from partners like RL Polk and Dataium as well as off-line data matching from call tracking providers. Your dealership will get higher visibility and consideration from the ideal prospects that you want to target.


It’s imperative that dealers have a strong game plan around their mobile marketing and improving the consumer experience on mobile devices. With 25% of consumers using only their smartphone to shop, compare prices, and research their next vehicle prior to visiting a dealership, Mobile2Show is an absolute must. Mobile2Show targets customers whether at your dealership or on a competitor’s lot by providing an engaging incentive. This dynamic incentive offer pushes the customers away from competitors and straight to your showroom for a test drive. Mobile2Show increases showroom rate and mobile conversion rate. Keep the customers rolling in with the industry's first of its kind “showrooming” solution. 


Got a trade-in? With Tradehook you can obtain higher demand vehicles at more competitive prices, increase click to lead rate, and increase show rate for higher trade-in acquisition. Details for the prospective trade-in vehicle is matched against a dealer wish list. Then a trade-in report is provided and an incentive coupon is offered. This coupon drives the prospect to the dealership. Tradehook delivers more quality trade-ins and trade-in leads to your dealership.